Africa is a treasure trove of minerals on vast quantities from Congo DRC to South Africa, Zambia to Egypt, Nigeria to Senegal, Cameroon to Morocco; huge mines and minerals abound.
Nigeria with her own mix of minerals resources is the platform leveraged by KAM Holding to be major continental players harnessing the vast reserves that define subterranean Africa.

Nigeria is endowed with quality commercial minerals in over 500 locations across the country with several minerals, like coal, gold, bitumen, baryte, lead–zinc, and limestone, have been extracted by both artisanal and industrial miners (Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, 2015).

KAM Holding has its own different sites for mining limestone, stone dust, other minerals such as lithium, dolomite, etc We work with a number of partners Mining, transacting Minerals and Refining of such minerals.

As a major player in this sector, KAM Holding is set to take the lead with its massive investment within Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.