Quality Policy

Kam Steel Integrated Company Limited is committed to producing reinforcement steel and wire rods that meet customer requirement while conforming to national and international standards. We shall achieve this by; continually improving our products; constantly reviewing our processes, developing employee skills and their contribution through effective training.

Education sector – Share in the enterprise story in Kwara State University. Contribution towards welfare of the university like awards and scholarships to deserving students.
Infrastructure sector – building and maintenance of roads in quarry to support industrial development in the remote areas, which in turn has generated employment opportunities.
With the permission of supervising authorities, the group has used its resources to patch up bad portions of the highway to eliminate bottlenecks.


Environment sector - We in KAM Holding have taken all the initiatives and preventive measures for environment conservation. Factories are now equipped with systems to first clean the air before it gets released to the atmosphere and also promote greenery to safeguard our planet.


The Group “MADE IN NIGERIA POLICY” has contributed to Nigeria’s Industrialization and economic growth. This has generated a lot of employment opportunities and thus boosted income generation to achieve the social development goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & well-being, Quality Education, etc.