Galvaniszed Corogated/Profiled Roofing Sheets

Galvanized roofing sheets are metal sheets that have been coated with a layer of zinc to protect them from rust and corrosion.

The process of galvanization involves immersing the metal sheet in a bath of molten zinc, which bonds with the surface of the metal to create a protective layer.
Galvanized roofing sheets are commonly used in construction projects for roofing and cladding purposes. They are popular due to their durability, strength, and resistance to weathering, as well as their affordability.
Galvanized roofing sheets come in different sizes and thicknesses, and can be customized to suit specific project requirements.

They are available in a variety of colors and finishes, making them a popular choice for both commercial and residential buildings. When installing galvanized roofing sheets, it is important to follow proper safety procedures and use appropriate tools and equipment to ensure a secure and long-lasting installation.

Corogated Stone Coated Roofing Sheets

Stone coated roofing sheets are a type of roofing material that is made up of a steel core or other metal base that is coated with stone chips and an acrylic film. The stone chips used in the coating are usually made from either natural stone or synthetic materials.These types of roofing sheets are popular because they combine the strength and durability of steel with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone.
They are also resistant to weathering and are able to withstand extreme temperatures, making them a popular choice in areas with harsh weather conditions. Some of the advantages of stone coated roofing sheets include:Durability: These roofing sheets can last for up to 50 years and are resistant to fire, wind, and hail. Aesthetics: Stone coated roofing sheets come in a variety of colors and styles, giving homeowners a range of options to choose from. Energy efficiency: These roofing sheets can help to reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat transfer into the home. Low maintenance: Stone coated roofing sheets require minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water.
Environmentally friendly: Stone coated roofing sheets are made from recyclable materials and can be reused or repurposed at the end of their life span.